1. IMAGO Green Offers HEA Program in VA, which led to, Audio Visual services. https://www.imagogreen.com/video-production-services/


Purpose of the program: To offer pro video services to all. Provide Video Production Studios A. Shows B. News C. Movie Sets Rentals to anyone interested in using professional studio sets.


Tasks Performed:
  • Script Development
  • Background Music Publishing
  • Pre Production
  • Production/Post Production
  • Distribution to Sinclair Broadcasting
Local Business Opportunities: We will make in-kind commercials for Local Business for WSET Sinclair Broadcasting.


Planning: To create video production for Dominion and Honeywell our team focused on the services already completed successfully in over 3,000 homes in Virginia and North Carolina. Given the opportunity to produce PSA for Dominion HEA Program, meant we had to think about activities and policy requirements of Dominion’s Home Energy Assessment Rebate. The script was developed using program guidelines expressed at initial orientation to instruct participating contractors. Our conceptual marketing audiovisual items were submitted to the client for final approval and distribution was through Streaming OTT advertising campaigns with Sinclair Broadcasting. Now Sinclair Broadcasting has given the Sunday 7am WJLA ABC7 slot to us. Washington, DC DMV on TV ABC at 7am after Dr. Charles Stanley, South Boston’s own.


Administration: Our staff management for the video production campaigns were initially intended for PSA of new service offering of Home Energy Assessment Rebate Program Participating Contractor only. We realized how we could grow when Dominion requested our 30 second commercial be extended into a full 2 minute PSA. Our Team directed graphic design, command of daily business operations and governance of task needs to efficiently supervise all staff and associated agencies. Orchestrating positive outcome, through persistent resilience. Guiding all of our resources responsibility to sustain professional profitably for our business and our clients. Our team with workforce staff development for below:



2. Wholesale Market Warehouse / Stores (DMV, GA, SOBO Center- 1/2 Million)

IMAGO Green & Lonnol NYC Offers Wholesale Markets for consumers to gain resale opportunities. https://www.imagogreen.com/wholesale-market/


Organization Deal: We have an idea for a wholesale herbal health and spiritual awareness store. We have a long list of products to manufacture also, wholesale and retail sales.


Project Cost: 250,000 1/2 Workforce – 250,000 Outdoor Sample Grow Houses used as Market(s)


Purpose of the program: To start a chain of stores dealing with Health , Wellness and Spirituality. South Boston store would be the first and the hub of the East coast.


Work performed: Have sold all products for substantial profits and, plan on selling newly produced CBD bath products for relaxation along with CBD pain reliever cream and transderived gel.


Local Business Opportunities: We will be packaging our wholesale and retail products meaning we will have to use local businesses to purchase packaging and labeling.


Planning: Our plan is to set up a portion of the building first to dedicate to the store to generate immediate income and work for the community.


3. IMAGRO Green Indoor After Room Indoor Fish Room Outdoor for System (5 Million)

IMAGRO Green + IMABLO Green Offers www.imagogreen.com &   www.imablogreen.com


Organization Goal: We intend to make self-sustainable fish farm with the marijuana medicine grow room not far from the tank. We will use and harvest a special kind of plant nutrient from the fish to feed the plant while we raise fish for food and profit

Project Cost: (5M) 2,500,000 1/2 BLDG Indoor Farming– 2,500,000 1/2 WIOA Workforce OJTC and Employment

Purpose of the program: To make sure we have a working indoor cannabis medical farm as well as fish farm on the same premises and teaching the hired community how to make and sustain the projects while teaching the skills as well.

Tasks Performed: Have been growing farming medical cannabis for over 12 years and have extensive knowledge about growing indoors and fish farming.

Local Business Opportunities: Buying all supplies locally for the farm and grow. Constantly need products to support and make progress with the programs.

Planning: We plan on hiring from the community to help grow fish from babies to a swarming school that is replenished consistently. Also, to extract the waste from waste collectors to make plants food. We will have them attend to plant daily and show the stages of growth and progress.

4. 3M Cosmetics (1/2 Million)


IMAGO Green + Wholesale Beauty LLC Offers https://3mcosmetics.com/


Project Cost: (250,000 1/2 WIOA Workforce – 250,000 Mixers and Bottling Equipment 1/2 BLDG). 1/2 Million to Manufacture our and others brand(s) of cosmetic products with CBD Processed from local sources. The goal is to make a % of goods needed for markets and export.


Purpose of the program: Make regional industry improvements to help monetize CBD.


Tasks Performed: Created https://3mcosmetics.com/





Local Business Opportunities: CBD Processor + Farmers + Presto


5. African Hands Teach the World – Plastic Recycling & Container Fabrication Assembly Line(s) (2 Million)

IMAGO Green Offers Plastic Recycling – Waste Management Program services to east coast in USA and we have partnered with NGO owner in Ghana for African Hands Teach the World plastic waste environmental clean up monetizing.

Organization Goal: AHTW’S goal is to start e-commerce from Africa to make cosmetic CBD products. Also, we would like to take advantage of the excessive plastic and glass problem in Africa by making houses out of the waste.

Project Cost: (2M) 1 Million building plastic recycling center wall-casting prototypes – 1 million Container Fabrication Assembly Line Development Plan.

Purpose of the program: To innovate and establish grand e-commerce in Africa and also to establish a powerful and profitable solution to waste plastic and glass management in Africa.

Tasks Performed: Acquired NGO in 2014 and established ties in the nation of Ghana to accomplish all endeavors. They do not want our money; they need our resources to goods and services available and wasted here. Exporting containers of used goods and goods made and or available in Halifax, County and South Boston exclusively.

Local Business Opportunities: Buying things from dollar general to send to Africa and purchasing bags to break down our other products, consistently creating revenue for the town while we are doing our endeavors.

Planning: Through workforce and hiring people for employment.

Administration: Warehouse in Africa takes plastic molds for the walls & furniture to make homes. Facility with power generator and hull to wash the garbage plastic and store it for the next melt down to make walls.


6. 3D Printing

SOBO Factory with IDA | 3dsystoms.com


Project Cost: 100K


7. AI Used for Media Protection (Marketing /Advertising Use) Marketing & Advertising Automated | Personalization User Experience| Search Opt: Organic Visual Asset Project Cost: 100K


8. Energy and Transportation (Business Use)  Soler LED | Africa Import/Export via Africa New.........  Port


Project Cost: 100K


9. AR / VR Augmented Reality (Productio Term Use)

Adobe Captivate Esteam 3RPRO produce VR/AR Video


Project Cost: 100K


10. Block Chain (Data Center Use)


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