African Hands Teach the World – Plastic Recycling & Container Fabrication Assembly Line(s) (2 Million)

IMAGO Green Offers Plastic Recycling – Waste Management Program services to east coast in USA and we have partnered with NGO owner in Ghana for African Hands Teach the World plastic waste environmental clean up monetizing.

Organization Goal: AHTW’S goal is to start e-commerce from Africa to make cosmetic CBD products. Also, we would like to take advantage of the excessive plastic and glass problem in Africa by making houses out of the waste.

Project Cost: (2M) 1 Million building plastic recycling center wall-casting prototypes – 1 million Container Fabrication Assembly Line Development Plan.

Purpose of the program: To innovate and establish grand e-commerce in Africa and also to establish a powerful and profitable solution to waste plastic and glass management in Africa.

Tasks Performed: Acquired NGO in 2014 and established ties in the nation of Ghana to accomplish all endeavors. They do not want our money; they need our resources to goods and services available and wasted here. Exporting containers of used goods and goods made and or available in Halifax, County and South Boston exclusively.

Local Business Opportunities: Buying things from dollar general to send to Africa and purchasing bags to break down our other products, consistently creating revenue for the town while we are doing our endeavors.

Planning: Through workforce and hiring people for employment.

Administration: Warehouse in Africa takes plastic molds for the walls & furniture to make homes. Facility with power generator and hull to wash the garbage plastic and store it for the next melt down to make walls.