1. IMAGO Green Offers HEA Program in VA, which led to, Audio Visual services. https://www.imagogreen.com/video-production-services/


Purpose of the program: To offer pro video services to all. Provide Video Production Studios

A. Shows B. News C. Movie Sets Rentals to anyone interested in using professional studio sets.


Tasks Performed:

  • Script Development

  • Background Music Publishing

  • Pre Production

  • Production/Post Production

  • Distribution to Sinclair Broadcasting

Local Business Opportunities: We will make in-kind commercials for Local Business for WSET Sinclair Broadcasting.


Planning: To create video production for Dominion and Honeywell our team focused on the services already completed successfully in over 3,000 homes in Virginia and North Carolina. Given the opportunity to produce PSA for Dominion HEA Program, meant we had to think about activities and policy requirements of Dominion’s Home Energy Assessment Rebate. The script was developed using program guidelines expressed at initial orientation to instruct participating contractors. Our conceptual marketing audiovisual items were submitted to the client for final approval and distribution was through Streaming OTT advertising campaigns with Sinclair Broadcasting. Now Sinclair Broadcasting has given the Sunday 7am WJLA ABC7 slot to us. Washington, DC DMV on TV ABC at 7am after Dr. Charles Stanley, South Boston’s own.


Administration: Our staff management for the video production campaigns were initially intended for PSA of new service offering of Home Energy Assessment Rebate Program Participating Contractor only. We realized how we could grow when Dominion requested our 30 second commercial be extended into a full 2 minute PSA. Our Team directed graphic design, command of daily business operations and governance of task needs to efficiently supervise all staff and associated agencies. Orchestrating positive outcome, through persistent resilience. Guiding all of our resources responsibility to sustain professional profitably for our business and our clients. Our team with workforce staff development for below: