IMAGRO Green Indoor After Room Indoor Fish Room Outdoor for System (5 Million)

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Organization Goal: We intend to make self-sustainable fish farm with the marijuana medicine grow room not far from the tank. We will use and harvest a special kind of plant nutrient from the fish to feed the plant while we raise fish for food and profit

Project Cost: (5M) 2,500,000 1/2 BLDG Indoor Farming– 2,500,000 1/2 WIOA Workforce OJTC and Employment

Purpose of the program: To make sure we have a working indoor cannabis medical farm as well as fish farm on the same premises and teaching the hired community how to make and sustain the projects while teaching the skills as well.

Tasks Performed: Have been growing farming medical cannabis for over 12 years and have extensive knowledge about growing indoors and fish farming.

Local Business Opportunities: Buying all supplies locally for the farm and grow. Constantly need products to support and make progress with the programs.

Planning: We plan on hiring from the community to help grow fish from babies to a swarming school that is replenished consistently. Also, to extract the waste from waste collectors to make plants food. We will have them attend to plant daily and show the stages of growth and progress.