Wholesale Market Warehouse / Stores (DMV, GA, SOBO Center- 1/2 Million)

IMAGO Green & Lonnol NYC Offers Wholesale Markets for consumers to gain resale opportunities. https://www.imagogreen.com/wholesale-market/


Organization Deal: We have an idea for a wholesale herbal health and spiritual awareness store. We have a long list of products to manufacture also, wholesale and retail sales.


Project Cost: 250,000 1/2 Workforce – 250,000 Outdoor Sample Grow Houses used as Market(s)


Purpose of the program: To start a chain of stores dealing with Health , Wellness and Spirituality. South Boston store would be the first and the hub of the East coast.


Work performed: Have sold all products for substantial profits and, plan on selling newly produced CBD bath products for relaxation along with CBD pain reliever cream and transderived gel.


Local Business Opportunities: We will be packaging our wholesale and retail products meaning we will have to use local businesses to purchase packaging and labeling.


Planning: Our plan is to set up a portion of the building first to dedicate to the store to generate immediate income and work for the community.